Can I build a house in my garden?

In a large number of cases, the answer to this question is yes, however, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account before you start test driving your new sports car.


Planning Permission to Build a House in my Garden

The first decision-breaker when assessing if you can build a house in your garden is whether you will gain planning permission on your land.

When selling your land to a developer, an option agreement will be raised and signed. An option agreement sets out the sale price of your garden based on the value of the land once it has planning permission. The agreement gives the developer the option to purchase the land at the agreed price subject to obtaining planning permission.

This means that you sell your land for the right amount based on its market value with planning permission, without having to spend any time or money on planning applications. Our developers will cover any costs, even if the application fails.


How much is my Land Worth?

There are a range of factors to take into account when assessing how much your land is worth. As with house prices, the location of your property will influence the value of your land. The size of your plot and number of properties that will be built will need to be taken into account, as well as the access available to the plot.

We can also help you gain advice on the effect that the new build in your garden will have on your own property value so that you can take that into account when assessing whether to sell your garden.


How much of my Garden would be needed to build a house?

To be able to build on your garden, a developer will need a minimum of 15 x 20 metres with a minimum access of 4 metres wide to enable emergency services to access the property.


Would I have to move house?

Many people sell their gardens so that they don’t have to move home.

Ross Clark wrote in The Telegraph: ”Cashing in on high property prices without actually moving has become an increasingly popular option, particularly for the newly-retired, who have tired of gardening but remain attached to their home.”


Will I be taxed?

More information can be provided regarding any tax implications at the outset of your consultations with the developer, however, as long as you are living in the property as your primary residence and is less than 0.5 hectares, then the money you receive will be tax free.


Do I have a say in the type of property built?

If you decide to work with one of our developers, they will consult with you to agree the most suitable options to gain planning consent. All of our developers design and build houses that complement the local environment with minimal disturbance to your property and your neighbours.


Can I build a house in my garden?  We can provide you with the answer – simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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